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Homebrew Packaging /Totally Steamed & Lactose Tolerant

Jon & Jon’s Totally Steamed was a “Steam Beer’ brewed by myself and my friend Jon Swinden (we also had some help from both of our lovely wives). Steam Beer is brewed with traditional lager yeast at warmer temperatures (namely the room temperature of my basement). We used an alternate method of carbonation with this brew called “krausening”. This method calls for unfermented “green beer” to be saved on brew day, and it is then added to the finished beer during the bottling phase, to further ferment and produce bubbles! The other beer pictured is Jon & Jon’s Lactose Tolerant Milk Stout, which is a stout with the addition of lactose (a sugar found in milk). Both beers turned out great, and therefore the bottles you see are empty!

Responsibilities: concept/design/layout/production